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Operation Street Watch -
vandalism targeted in Peterhead and Fraserburgh

We are targeting vandalism

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Anti-vandalism poster No. 1
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Vandalism hotspots in Fraserburgh and Peterhead were targeted over a two-week period at Easter by police as part of a crackdown on hooligans. Officers set their sights on streets blighted by graffiti, smashed windows and car crime. They teamed up with licensees and members of the Buchan Community Safety Group for the exercise. Residents living in these problem spots were also being urged to do their bit.

red arrow Posters advising the public to report any damage went on display across both towns.

Peterhead-based Chief Inspector Colin Brown said Operation Street Watch aimed to slash vandalism figures, as well as highlighting how much the problem was costing the region every day. He said:

"I really want to get the message across that Grampian Police take vandalism very seriously and commit substantial amounts of resources to preventing these crimes, or when they occur, tracing and dealing with offenders.

"This initiative will help us to demonstrate to these communities how determined we are to get to grips with crime."

The operation mostly targeted streets leading from the town centres, which analysts identified were most at risk during the two-week Easter break. These areas were policed by both uniformed and plain-clothes officers, with additional help from local communit wardens.

Chief Inspector Brown added:

"When dealing with reports of criminal damage to property, my officers often find that neighbours heard some form of disturbance or saw someone behaving outrageously in the street where damage was later found.

"If they had called the police at the time it would have given us a real opportunity to prevent the crime or detect those responsible."

He said callers to 0845 600 5 700 would not need to leave their name or address when reporting an ongoing incident.

After this operation has been tried and evaluated it may be possible to roll it out to other areas.

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