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Beat the Vandals: Send a Text

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Beat the vandals by sending a text message to 0773 993 4444 putting the word Vandal first.

Text a vandal card Text a vandal card
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Grampian Police in South Aberdeenshire are urging the public to get on their mobiles to help them beat the vandals.

The Division has launched the innovative scheme which encourages members of the public to text Grampian Police with information.

Callers can remain anonymous if they wish, and can use texts to report any other crimes of which they have information.

It is hoped that in particular young people will use their mobiles to text information about vandalism.

Constable Craig Kennedy, Crime Reduction Officer, South Aberdeenshire Division, said:

"Vandalism is a priority crime in South Aberdeenshire, and we are continually looking at innovative ways to tackle the vandals who wreck our communities. By embracing the mobile phone culture we aim to urge young people to pass on information anonymously about recent vandalisms".

He explained:

"We are distributing cards throughout South Aberdeenshire to raise awareness of this next development in the fight against vandalism. These cards highlight the message that vandals wreck communities, and urge the public to prefix their text message with the word Vandal before sending it to 0773 993 4444 with information about who is responsible for acts of vandalism in their area.

"We ask them to include details of the crime such as:

Constable Kennedy stressed:

"You can send us this information in complete confidence, without giving us your details, unless you specifically wish to be a witness. Remember, it does not have to be an act of vandalism that you have witnessed. The information can be something that a child, family member, friend or work colleague has shared with you if they have witnessed a crime - no piece of information is too insignificant. Your call can make the difference."

Constable Jenni Blair, added:

"As one of a team of officers specifically tasked with tracking down those individuals who have been vandalising our communities, I know that members of the public have a wealth of information at their fingertips which they might not realise the value of. I am urging people to text me with their information no matter how trivial they might think it is. All intelligence received is of value, and will be acted upon in an effort to keep our communities safe."

If you witness an ongoing incident you should contact the Grampian Police immediately on 0845 600 5 700. Always dial 999 in the case of an emergency.

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