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Success in finding and charging vandals in Aberdeenshire

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Acts of anti-social behaviour, especially vandalism, often receive prominent coverage in the media. Successful identification and charging of the people responsible by the Police seldom receive the same level of coverage. This page has been set up to publicise the successful work of the public and the Police in reducing anti-social behaviour in Aberdeenshire.


Nine youths have been charged in connection with incidents of vandalism and disorder in Stonehaven. The youths aged between 12 and 16 have been charged with 26 crimes committed during April and May. They included an attempted break-in to premises at Spurryhillock Industrial Estate, a break-in to a shed in the Canmore Park area, and damage to more than 80 windows to greenhouses at the Forest View Centre, Riverside Drive. Two youths have also been charged in connection with damaging cars and stealing car badges. The damage caused by these crimes totalled over £3,500.

Police carried out extensive inquiries into the incidents following a rise in vandalism and anti-social behaviour in the town in recent weeks.

Constable Claire Davis, who was in charge of the investigation, appealed to parents to keep a close eye on their children.
She said:

"During the course of our inquiries, it was clear that a small number of young people were responsible for these crimes.

"The youths were not generally previously know to the local police and came from good homes.

"It was apparent that their parents were not aware of their children's whereabouts as these crimes mainly occurred during the night.

"This highlights the need for parents and guardians to know of their childrens' whereabouts at all times and to ensure that their children are where they say they are.

"It's important for the public to know that when they report an incident to us we investigate them as thoroughly as possible to detect the offenders.

"A great deal of work goes on behind the scenes which is not always visible to the public."

Kincardine and Mearns Community Safety Group chairman Kevin Hutchens said:

"I would urge members of the public to promptly report all vandalism to the police, maybe then this scourge can be removed from our community."


Since the beginning of 2006, Inverurie has been victim to numerous acts of Anti-Social Behaviour where schools, residential areas and commercial premises have been targeted, with windows broken and property damaged by fire. The estimated value of damage runs into thousands of pounds.

Grampian Police report that 3 local males, two aged 16 and one 17, have been identified and charged in connection with these crimes and a report will be submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.

Sergeant Kenny McGeough, Inverurie said:

"I would like to reassure the residents of Inverurie, that this type of behaviour by a small group of youths will not be tolerated and that Grampian Police will take all reasonable steps to ensure that Anti Social Behaviour is reduced in their communities and the offenders brought before the courts."


Grampian Police can confirm that extensive enquiries have been made into Vandalisms at Ellon Academy between 27 and 31 January 2006, where the value of damage caused was estimated to be in the region of £12,000.

Four local youths, all aged under 16 years, have been charged in connection with the crimes and will be reported to the Children's Reporter.

Constables Iain Copeland and Caroline Gray of Grampian Police said:

"The damage caused at Ellon Academy was extensive, needless and expensive and the actions of these youths were totally irresponsible.

"We are pleased that the youths involved have been traced and charged and hope this sends out a clear message to other youths that this sort of behaviour is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated."

Ellon Academy's rector, Dr Brian Wilkins, said:

"I am pleased with the level of support and commitment we have had from our police colleagues in ensuring the culprits were caught. The message to the very small minority of pupils who get involved in such pointless and anti-social behaviour is clear."

If you know about an incident of vandalism:

You can beat the vandals by sending a text message to 0773 993 4444 putting the word Vandal first and providing details of the incident. Find out more on the Grampian Police "Beat the Vandals" initiative.

You can telephone the Police on 0845 6005700 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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