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Recently in certain areas in Aberdeenshire, for example in Westhill, there have been several break-ins to houses. These crimes generally occur on weekdays between 4.00pm and 6.30pm. Entry is normally gained by forcing open patio doors or a ground floor window to the rear of the house. Houses on the peripheral areas of the community and overlooking fields, woods or other open spaces are particularly vulnerable. Small portable items, especially cash and computer games are high on the list of property being stolen.

What can you do to prevent it happening to you?

  • Fit all doors with good quality locks and keep them secured
  • Angle any window blinds to restrict the view into your home
  • Use timer switches to activate lights and/or radio when you are out. This will create the impression that someone is home
  • Fit an approved alarm system - it is one of the greatest deterrents
  • Fit all ground floor windows with locks and remove keys
  • Fit anti-lift barriers to patio doors

REMEMBER - If you see any suspicious persons or vehicles in the area, or if you have any information about these crimes, please contact Police Scotland on 101, or in an emergency always dial 999.

Alternatively, you may prefer to call Crimestoppers logo

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