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The Anti-Bullying Network offers a number of advice points to young people and their parents.

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  • If you are being bullied, or if you are worried about someone else who is being bullied, the most important thing to remember is to talk to someone you trust.
  • Read the leaflets called Let's Stop Bullying - Advice for Children and Let's Stop Bullying - Advice for Young People and the leaflet from ChildLine.
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  • Don't hide what is happening front the adults you trust. There is nothing wrong with asking for help when you are in trouble.
  • Don't leave it to others. If young people leave it all to adults, the problem will never go away. You can help to make your school a better place for everyone. You can make a difference.
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  • Nobody has the right to hurt other people by hitting them, calling then names or doing anything which is intended to be hurtful. Bullying to wrong whatever the age of the person who is doing the bullying. If an adult is bullying you or trying to make you do something you think to wrong you must talk to somebody you trust about this at once. If there is nobody you trust, phone ChildLine.
  • You can help other people who are being bullied. You could encourage them to talk to an adult, or you could offer to talk to an adult on their behalf. You might be able to let bullies know that you do not like what they are doing and that you are determined to see that they stop.

You can also help by taking part In your school's anti-bullying activities. There are a number of ways in which teachers and pupils in Scottish schools are dealing with bullying:

Use the links below to get more information or help.

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If you can't find anyone to talk to you can phone the ChildLine Bullying Line on 0800 1111. This is a free service available from Monday to Friday from 3:30pm to 10:00pm and weekends from 2:00pm to 8:00pm.
Click the logo to link to the ChildLine web site.

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The Anti-Bullying Network can be contacted on 0131 651 6103 or make contact by e-mail abn@education.ed.ac.uk.

stoptextbully logo and link to their web siteNCH runs a web site with advice on how to stop bullying through text messages, calls to your mobile, e-mails, chat rooms etc.
PDF logo & link to the Aberdeenshire Anti-Bullying strategy document The Aberdeenshire Council Anti-Bullying strategy for people with learning dificulties is available on line as a PDF file
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