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The Urban Roadeo in Peterhead

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The Urban Roadeo in Peterhead

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Urban Roadeo

A Play for Older Road Users

The Urban Roadeo is a short play looking at Road Safety for Older Road Users offering 45 minutes of fun and laughter to learn about road safety.

Those who attended witnessed how retired Jack coped when pitted against his all knowing mother-in-law, Davina, in a battle of wits and general driving knowledge! His Prize? A bottle of whisky and bragging rights, but was that worth the impending humiliation?

The production was presented by the Baldy Bane Theatre Group, and highlighted the problem of every motorist's worst nightmare - the backseat driver. Specifically targeted at road users aged 55+, the play, which is supported by Road Safety Scotland, is designed to raise awareness of issues affecting drivers and pedestrians as they grow older.

More than 25 people attended despite problems with the free transport which was offered.

Councillor Anne Allan, Chairperson of the Buchan Community Safety Group said:

"The play proved to be a lighthearted and at times very funny way of getting the message over to the older road user that whether you are a driver, a passenger or a pedestrian; the onus is on you to be aware of your surroundings and to take care on our roads."

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