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Police Scotland's Campaign to Reduce Winter Break-ins

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Police Scotland are warning homeowners to be extra cautious over the winter season to help reduce the risk of becoming a crime victim.

At the launch of the force's winter housebreaking campaign, officers issued a reminder to residents that using a timer switch or leaving a light on when they go out can dramatically reduce the chance of having a break-in.

Householders are urged to take a few simple steps to secure their homes before they go out, including:

House lights go on & off
  • use timer switches to bring on lamps and radios to make it look as if there is someone home;

  • ensure that all doors and windows are secure when you leave home and when you go to bed;

  • security mark your property with a UV marker pen - take pictures of items you cannot mark;

  • record the makes, models and serial numbers of your property;

  • if possible use security lighting at the front and rear of your property;

  • take other steps to leave the house looking occupied if you go away for a few days, for example, consider using the Post Office Keepsafe Scheme to stop letters building up behind your door or in your mailbox.

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