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Young Drivers: We'll give you £££ to improve your driving - take the Pass Plus Course

As part of their contribution to improving the driving standards of under 25s and helping them become more confident drivers, all of the Community Safety Groups in Aberdeenshire are offering financial support to drivers under the age of 25 taking the Pass Plus course.

The Aberdeenshire Community Safety Partnership is running a PILOT TRIAL offering £150 towards the cost of the Pass Plus driving course for young drivers under 25 years of age.

The cost of taking the Pass Plus course is usually £150 and upwards.

Please note that Buchan area applications will, for the time being, be processed by the Garioch & North Marr Community Safety Group.

Please note that the grants are only available while funds last.

Pass Plus builds on your skills and knowledge. It will teach you how to anticipate, plan for and deal with all kinds of hazards, to help you become a more confident driver. It could also result in lower car insurance costs, as some insurance companies are offering discounts for new drivers with a Pass Plus certificate.

You should have received information on the Pass Plus scheme when you passed your practical driving test but further details can be obtained from the Pass Plus web site if necessary.

Find out about the six Pass Plus modules which will teach you how to drive in situations that are not covered in the Driving Test.

Watch a video about Pass Plus.

Find out how you might save money on your car insurance.

Read what young drivers think about the benefits of the Pass Plus course.

You can use this link to find contact details for Pass Plus instructors. Please note that the list is NOT comprehensive and there are many more Pass Plus instructors in the area. Note to Pass Plus instructors, it might be in your interests to add your name to the list.

To apply please e-mail your contact details (address including your post code and a telephone number), age (date of birth), driving licence number, the date you passed your driving test and tell us where you heard about our financial support for Pass Plus to: passplus@aberdeenshirecommunitysafety.org.uk

Please note that, to qualify for financial support, you must apply for funding BEFORE arranging the course. Please note that the £150 grant is only available while funds last.

Safe Drive Stay Alive 2017

SDSA logo Thousands of young people from schools across the area and members of the public have seen the Safe Drive Stay Alive 2017 show.

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Safer September

Motor bike collision Following the deaths of three motorcyclists on Moray and Aberdeenshire roads in two months, road users are being told to have a "Safer September".

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Community Cycling Clubs

Cycle club image Interested in setting up a Community Cycle Club to educate on road and cycle safety both for drivers and new cyclists?

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School Parking Banners in the Marr Area

Photo of school parking banner

The South Marr and Garioch & North Marr Community Safety Groups have funded banners to highlight dangerous parking on yellow lines and zig zag markings outside schools in the Marr area.

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Advanced driving for young drivers

IAM Roadsmart logo and link to their web site

The Garioch & North Marr Community Safety Group sponsored a young driver from Inverurie to take the IAM Roadsmart course and the test in order to assess the benefits for young drivers.

Find out about the IAM Roadsmart driving test.

Speed monitoring equipment introduced

Speeding kit image

A new electronic speed sign is to be used in the Garioch area to assist police officers dealing with road traffic offences.

The sign has been purchased by the Garioch Community Safety Partnership and will be used throughout the Garioch area including in Kintore and Westhill.

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Car Seat Clinics

Car seat image

Staff from Aberdeenshire Council's Transport Safety Education Unit offer free car seat safety checks and advice for parents and grandparents from time to time at various locations.

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Ambition to Drive

Ambition to drive photo Sixth year pupils at Kemnay Academy have been learning about the need for common sense and safety once they take to the roads as qualified young drivers.

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Crash Live Show in Huntly

Crash Live Image

Crash Live, the Community Partnership event will help people realise the severity of anti-social driving and its consequences. The event will take place at the Huntly Fire Station, King Street, Huntly on Saturday 28 March 2015 at 2pm.

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Operation Collinsville

Operation Collinsville poster

Police Scotland with the help of the Garioch & North Marr CSG are continuing to tackle anti-social and irresponsible driving in the Marr area with the launch of Operation Collinsville.

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Crash Live Show in Inverurie

Crash Live Image

Crash Live, the Community Partnership event was held at Thainstone, Inverurie on 17th September. It demonstrated how the emergency services deal with serious road traffic collisions.

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Operation Zenith - Promoting Motorcycle Safety

Operation Zenith logo Collision figures prompt warning to mature motorcyclists.

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Driving Ambition

The Complete Driver image

Pupils at Kemnay Academy have been given lessons on road safety during a Driving Ambition session at the school.

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Country Roads Rush Hour

Rural road photo Drivers are being warned that rush hour accidents are not just confined to busy city centres, with latest figures revealing a "Country Roads Rush Hour" between 3pm and 6pm when accidents on rural roads peak.

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Road death numbers reduced

Road deaths graph Fatalities on roads in North East Scotland reduced in 2011.

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Momentum in Alford - Road safety for young people

Momentum logo The Garioch & North Marr Community Safety Group is providing financial support to the Momentum Project in Alford as part of its programme of support for tackling the problem of road traffic collisions involving young drivers in the North East of Scotland.
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Bikesafe - Road Safety for Motorcyclists

BikeSafe logo Grampian Police participate in the national Bikesafe initiative which encourages motorcyclists to think about their own riding techniques, consider how safe they really are and to look to improve their riding skills through advanced training.
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Don't Risk It - Rural road safety

Don't Risk It Campaign logo The worst accidents in Scotland happen on country roads - 3 out of 4 road deaths occur on them. They are mostly caused by loss of control and driving too fast for the conditions.
Read more about the Don't Risk It campaign.

Safety for Older Road Users

Urban Roadeo, the road safety performance for older users has been presented in Monymusk.

Safe Driving on Rural Roads

You are three times more likely to be killed on a rural road than an urban one whilst in a car.

Find out how to drive safely on rural roads.

Young Drivers

The seven Community Safety Groups in Aberdeenshire have expressed concern regarding the large number of road traffic collisions in the North East of Scotland. We are particularly concerned about the number of young people, newly qualified drivers and their passengers, who have been killed or injured on North East roads.

In 2006, 40% of the fatalities were 25 years or under.

We feel that the only way to help prevent this carnage is to introduce strict regulations for newly qualified drivers so that they get the opportunity to gain driving experience after they pass the driving test. Such regulations could include:
  • compulsory ‘P’ plates for a fixed period of time after passing the Driving Test
  • restrictions on the size of car engine
  • restrictions on modifications to a car
  • restrictions on carrying passengers for a fixed period.

As a consequence, a letter has been sent to all Members of Parliament in the North of Scotland urging them to press for the law to be changed with regard to newly qualified drivers.

A copy of the letter and an attachment (the OECD’s Transport Research Centre document entitled "Young Drivers, The Road to Safety" published earlier this year) is available online.PDF file

A96 Survey

Give us your opinion of how safe is the A96 between Aberdeen and Inverness and what could be done to improve it by filling in our A96 questionnaire.

Read comments on the A96 from Local MSPs.

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