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Westhill youngsters have taken up arms in the battle against litter blighting their community.

Bin It Poster

Westhill and District Residents' Association last year vowed to tackle the town's litter problem, particularly in the busy shopping centre, with a "four-Es" strategy of Education, Encouragement, Engineering and Enforcement.

Pupils from Westhill Academy's eco-group took the campaign to the streets, to enlist the support of residents and shopkeepers. The public awareness programme is part of a joint initiative between the association, the Academy and Grampian Police.

Academy student Shona Thompson came up with a Just Bin It logo and design, and posters with the caption are now being distributed around the town centre in the run-up to the school Easter break. The pupils hope local shoppers will get the message.

Shopkeepers are being asked to prominently display the posters, and the community's scheme to restore civic pride will get a further boost by local Community Beat Officers. Patrolling police officers will be handing out £10 Virgin Store voucher awards to youngsters seen disposing of litter responsibly.

Westhill Community Beat Officer Constable Paul Smith said:

"It's hoped this type of award will not only encourage community spirit and social awareness, but improve the quality of life of all those living and working in the area.

"Along with the encouragement phase, a period of proactive enforcement will be implemented in an effort to reinforce the wider message that clean and damage-free civic areas promote public confidence and make communities a safer and more welcoming place."

The reward scheme was set up with the support of Grampian Police's community initiative fund, Garioch and North Marr Community Safety Group, and Aberdeenshire Council's Garioch area committee.

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