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Rural Business Warning - Aberdeenshire

Police are warning rural businesses in Aberdeenshire to remain vigilant following a break-in to a business near St Cyrus, Aberdeenshire. The incident occurred between 7.30pm on Monday 01 March and 6am on Tuesday 02 March 2021 where a number of items were stolen including power tools and computer equipment.

North East Division Crime Reduction Officer, Richard Russell said:

We advise businesses to look at their buildings through the eyes of a thief. Start by looking at the grounds of the business and think about lighting, signage and fencing. Is there any loose objects lying about within the grounds which could be used by the thieves to help force entry to the premises?

CCTV is a useful tool but it must be remembered that CCTV on its own is not a deterrent to criminality and should always be combined with appropriate physical security. Ensure all external doors are of solid construction with suitable locks or a closed shackle padlock fitted.

Tools, in particular power tools should be stored away when not in use, if possible in a locked cabinet or cage, not only to prevent them being stolen, but to prevent them being utilised to gain further access or potentially cause damage. Consider forensically marking all you tools, many kits are readily available and extremely cost effective. This combined with visible signage will help deter potential criminals. It also assists in tracing them back to their owners, should they go missing. Many companies provide free tool registers, via smartphone apps, which help remove the market for stolen goods. This is also a good method of retaining all the tool details such as model and serial number as well as photographs.

Comprehensive crime prevention advice can be obtained from your local policing team by telephoning 101 or contacting your local Crime Prevention Officer by emailing: NorthEastCrimeReduction@Scotland.pnn.police.uk

Remember: If you can think of a way of defeating your existing security measures, so can the criminal.

Anyone with information can contact the Police on 101 or via Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 quoting reference 20210302-0399

Original message sent by Richard Russell, North East Division Crime Reduction Officer

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