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Recently reported scams

Scammers are working overtime to get your details and money. The information on the scams identified below have come from our members and partners to the Neighbourhood Watch Scotland inbox recently. Please have a look over the details to arm yourself and ensure that you, your family and community don't fall foul of these criminals.

Telephone Preference Service

The first scam is an attempt to get you to make payment for a service that is free.

Have you had numerous unsolicited telephone calls followed by an unexpected call from the Telephone Preference Service? You are then offered the service of the TPS to stop all the unwanted calls you have been getting for a charge! This is a scam. The TPS is a free service and you can get all the information on the service and register for the Telephone Preference Service by heading to https://www.tpsonline.org.uk/home

Apple Pay

Apple Pay Scam

Next up is a scam text indicating that your Apple Pay account has been suspended and asking you to follow a link to sort the issue out. This is a scam. Do not follow the link and do not give any details or make any payments that may be requested. Any problems with your Apple Pay account log into your account and check out what is going on. Alongside is an example of the message received.

Long Lost Relative

The next one is an old one that has been circulating for years. This is letter scam that you will receive addressed to you in your name. What you need to know.

  • You do not have a Long Lost Relative who made a fortune in Hong Kong.
  • There is not $49 million dollars sitting in a bank account for you to get your hands on.
  • The fictitious Mr. Frederick Hoi Ji Ying (CHB) does not exist. However a criminal scammer is behind this letter and wants your money.

However bad things are financially do not fall for this scam as things can only get worse.

Toby Carvery scam

And finally. A warning has been issued over a Toby Carvery scam that is circulating on social media.

It involves a fake brand page offering free items, vouchers or food as a "gesture of good will" in the run up to Christmas.

The chain said: "Unfortunately there has been an upsurge in fake Facebook pages being created with the core aim of collecting contact and payment details from people."

Similar scams have been reported involving Wagamama and Primark.

The organisation has reminded consumers to be careful of anyone:

  • Asking you to make upfront payments, especially if itís to release funds for a loan or prize money.
  • Youíve never heard of or had dealings with in the past. For example, youíve won a competition you donít remember entering or you owe money to a company you havenít heard of.
  • Asking for personal information Ė like your bank details, passwords or PIN numbers, legitimate companies would never ask for this type of information.
  • Pressuring you into a sale.

If you have been contacted by someone and you are concerned they may be trying to scam you:

  • Donít send them any money or buy anything - you should always do your homework before agreeing to anything. For example, checking online reviews of the company.
  • Donít give them any personal information, bank details, passwords or PIN numbers. If youíve given out this type of information, you should change all passwords and pins and notify your bank.
  • Donít download any attachments or files in emails or click on any links. If you have then you should check that your devices security is up to date and run a virus scan.
  • Donít ring any numbers youíve received in an email or letter, especially if itís a premium rate number. If youíre unsure about the cost of dialling a particular number, contact your service provider for advice.

Anyone who has been a victim of a scam or is concerned about suspicious activity can contact consumeradvice.scot advisers for free advice on 0808 164 6000 (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm) or visit www.consumeradvice.scot.

Mark Armstrong (NHWN, Community Support Officer, Neighbourhood Watch Scotland)

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