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Community Wardens operating in Buchan.

Photo of Cathy Ramsey

Cathy Ramsey joined Grampian Police in August 2007 as a Community Warden and now works for Aberdeenshire Council as of August 2016. She really enjoys her role as Community Warden, as she likes the fact that her job is so varied. One day you can be at a School taking part in initiatives such as keeping safe in our community, and the next you could be doing a talk at a care home for the elderly. She loves getting out and about speaking to people of all ages, especially helping them with any problems or concerns they might have. In her role she attends many meetings e.g. Buchan Community Safety Group, Shop Watch and Community Wardens meeting with Council, this is a great opportunity to liaise with Partner Agencies. Cathy loves her job and hopes the role is continued.

To contact Cathy:
Email: cathy.ramsey@aberdeenshire.gov.uk
Phone: 07887 568231

Photo of Ian Kennedy

Ian Kennedy has been a Community Warden in Peterhead for the past 12 years .He really enjoys the variety of the job as it is so varied. He meets and liaises with people from all walks of life and feels his role can be very worthwhile with a sense of achievement. His role in the community incorporates working with the Police, Council, primary and secondary schools and various committees - Buchan Safety Council and organisations. He hopes to continue his role and get involved in other schemes and initiatives to help cement his relationship with the public.

To contact Ian:
Email: ian.kennedy@aberdeenshire.gov.uk
Phone: 07887 573978



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