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Contactless credit/debit card protection

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Contactless credit/debit card protection

In recent times with the introduction of contactless payment, thieves are adapting to come up with new methods to steal your personal data and information. On most new credit or debit cards you will have a wireless symbol which informs you that your card uses RFID technology, this allows you to simply swipe your card at designated machines to make a payment. This is a much easier way of paying, however it comes with security risks, as a criminal could create a RFID reader with minimal effort and steal your details.

There are also possibilities of wireless transactions being completed accidentally or duplicated.

You can prevent most of these things happening however with the Card Minder - the aluminum credit card pouch can fit inside your wallet/purse and can prevent your data from being stolen. Furthermore the Card Minder could prevent two contactless cards in the same wallet/purse being billed simultaneously. Ideal to place in any wallet or purse.

The Garioch & North Marr Commuity Safety Group has purchased a supply of Card Minders and distributed them to Libraries in the Garioch and North Marr areas (Westhill, Inverurie, Kintore, Kemnay, Insch, Huntly and Alford). The initial supply of 100 protectors has been snapped up already. The Garioch & North Marr Commuity Safety Group is purchasing another supply and these will appear in Libraries in the coming weeks.

Ron McKail Chair of the Garioch & North Marr Commuity Safety Group said:

"Users of these credit and debit bank cards are not always aware as to how easy it is for details from your card to be copied. Criminals with scamming equipment standing close to you can copy your personal details onto his device. It's frightening to realise how easy it is to be scammed."

Police sergeant Darren Mills said:

"Police Scotland commends Garioch and North Marr Community Safety Group for providing their communities with a product that aims to deliver an extra layer of protection against bank and credit card details being obtained and used for criminal gain."

The Card Minder has the following features :

  • Includes RFID blocking technology to prevent unauthorized access to personal information.
  • Fits easily in wallet card slot or in a purse.
  • Lightweight to carry.
  • Suitable for a range of cards.

The Card Minder protects the following type of contactless cards:

  • All payment cards
  • Student IDs
  • Transit cards such as Oyster
  • ID cards
  • Access cards operating on frequency 13,56 MHz

The Card Minder can prevent:

  • False Payments
  • Unauthorised Payments
  • Duplicate Payments
  • Using the incorrect card to make wireless payment
  • Fraud
  • False transactions on transit cards such as Oyster

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