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Brighter Horizons - filling the gap in services for young people

Brighter Horizons, a registered charity, runs a dedicated youth facility for young people, particularly for the older range of 16+ who are under served by local groups and services. There is a drop-in two nights a week, training for older young people, projects, trips and activities as well as health support for more vulnerable young people. Brighter Horizons is also involved in street work to engage with more isolated young people to attract them to engage in positive leisure time activities.

Brighter Horizons ran an Easter day programme throughout the Easter Holidays in addition to the evening work of Drop Ins, led by the older members (16+) for the younger members (12-13 yrs), together with street work. Activities included workshops on DJing, jewellery making, desk-top publishing and street dance, a sportstars superstars competition and a DVD making competition.

The Easter Programme (and the regular work of Brighter Horizons) provides a vital service to the area, reducing anti-social behaviour and under age drinking but providing a positive outlet for the natural, exuberant energy of young people and giving young people responsibility for the peers and juniors.

The Banff and District Community Safety Group provided a £400 contribution to the Easter programme.

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