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Banff Friday Night Team Drop-in Centre

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Banff Friday Night Team Drop-in Centre

An open night has showcased facilities available to young people attending the Friday Night Team drop in centre

Groups who have funded he project, and parents of those who attend, were invited along to see the opportunities that are available at the centre, which is held weekly at the Seafield Nightclub in Sandyhill Road, Banff.

Contributions to the scheme, which offers a variety of facilities and opportunities to Banff Academy pupils, have come from Awards For All, the Banff & District CSG, the Anti-Social Behaviour Fund and the Banff and Macduff Strategy Steering Group.

Development worker for the Friday Night Team, Kimberley Milne. said:

"It was just to highlight the work that they were supporting. If they were supporting it financially, it was intended to show them what we are doing with their money.

"It was set out the way it is on a Friday night, and they got to see everything that had been bought with their money. Parents were invited along as well, and it gave them the opportunity to see the sort of things the young people get up to and the opportunities that they have."

The group recently received funding for a public address system, a digital projector and screen, and books for an accreditation scheme, from the Banff and Macduff Strategy Steering Group. The Awards For All scheme, meanwhile, contributed funds for two lap-tops, a video camera and a digital camera, and seating. The sum of £2,500 was recently received from the Banff Area Community Development Group towards training Banff Academy pupils over the age of 16 to become involved in running the project. Mrs Milne added:

"We are going to train young people who are looking for a summer job or some extra money during the summer holidays. They will be trained up as youth workers to take part in various summer projects."

The Banff Friday Night Team
Attending a Friday Night Team open night are (back, left to right) Banff Academy pupils
Annabel Wallace, Kimberly Murray, Katie McDonald, Christopher Davidson (Friday Night
Team committee member), Alex Coveny and Jamie Wilson and Scott Smith, who are both
also on the Friday Night Team committee. At front are Nick Dolphin of the Banff
& District CSG, Olwyn Dester of Community Planning and Joan McKinlay, also of
the Banff & District CSG.

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