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Kincardine & Mearns CSG promotes safety awareness for school children with Stay Safe wristbands

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Police are encouraging children to protect themselves and be good citizens by handing out fashionable wristbands. The black-and-white rubber bands are modelled on those adopted by charities and other causes, which have become trendy.

Grampian Police hope the bands, bearing the sentence "stay safe" will prompt young people to focus on issues they learn about in school.

Primary 7 children at Fishermoss School in Portlethen were the first to received them.

Some of the children added the police band to a collection already on their wrists. Teacher Paula Reid said the bands may seem like a fashion accessory but said they had a definite impact on the children. She said:

"They are very aware of the causes the bands support, as well as wearing them because they are trendy just now."

Grampian Police education liaison officer Constable Rona Grimmer said children's awareness of issues was very important. She said:

"They are really very focused on issues like drugs and alcohol or citizenship and we hope to encourage them to continue that through these wristbands."
The bands were part-funded by the Kincardine and Mearns Community Safety Group, in conjunction with Grampian Police Community Fund. The scheme will be extended to other areas of South Aberdeenshire next month.

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