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Bike Thefts

North East Crime Reduction Officer PC Irvine has some advice for bicycle owners:

"Even in the winter months we are continuing to see bikes stolen from across the North East, particularly in Aberdeen City. Many have been poorly secured or in some case not secured at all, placing your bike in a shed or garage alone is no guarantee for preventing your bike from being stolen."

Top 10 Tips from your Crime Reduction Team to Prevent Bike Theft:

  1. Lock it Up: Invest in a high-quality D-lock or U-lock, rated “Secured by Design” or "Sold Secure Gold" and above. Avoid cable locks alone, as they're easily cut. Attach the lock through the frame and a wheel to a secure object like a bike rack or lamp post.

  2. Double Up: Consider using two locks. A lock securing both wheels to the frame, combined with a U-lock for the frame to the object, makes it much harder to steal.

  3. Lock it Right: Don't leave any lock resting on the ground, where it can be levered against. Make sure it's tightly secured and cannot be twisted.

  4. Lock your bike to a fixed object: Secure your bike to a sturdy, immovable object such as a bike rack or a metal pole firmly anchored to the ground. Avoid locking to items that can be easily cut or removed.

  5. Choose secure parking spots: When out and about and leaving your bike unattended, opt for well-lit, high-traffic areas with designated bike parking covered by CCTV whenever possible. Avoid secluded spots where thieves can work undisturbed.

  6. Quick Releases: Remove quick-releases for wheels and saddles if leaving your bike in public and replace them with secure alternatives. Consider taking accessories with you if possible in particular batteries on e-bikes.

  7. Home Security: Store your bike indoors whenever possible, in a locked garage or shed. Ensure it is secured with a ground anchor and quality padlock, again to “Secured by Design” or “Sold Secure” standard. Consider an alarm or connect to your home alarm system. Security cameras can also be used as a deterrent.

  8. Take note of serial numbers and unique features: Keep a record of your bike's serial number, make, model, and any distinctive features or modifications. This information is crucial for identifying and recovering your bike in case of theft.

  9. Register Your Bike: Register your bike on the National Police-approved database for free at www.bikeregister.com . Further Security Kits are also available to purchase. This information is crucial for identifying and recovering your bike in case of theft.

  10. Get adequate insurance coverage: Review your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy to ensure your bike is adequately covered in case of theft or damage. Consider purchasing specialized bike insurance for comprehensive protection tailored to cyclists' needs.

Report It Quickly: If your bike is stolen, report it to the police immediately. The sooner you report it, the higher the chance of recovering it.

By following these tips, cyclists can significantly reduce the risk of bike theft and protect their valuable investment. Remember, prevention is key, but having insurance coverage provides added peace of mind in case the worst-case scenario occurs.

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Original message sent by Mark Irvine (Police Scotland, Constable, A Div - Grampian - North East Crime Reduction Team)

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