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Retailers learned to combat crime at two recent business crime seminars hosted by Grampian Police and funded by the Garioch and North Marr Community Safety Group.

Retail crime presentation 1
Donside Area Inspector Chris Morrice provides an overview and insight into the problem

Retail crime presentation 2
The APACS consultant explains how to spot and stop credit card fraud

Sergeant Andrew Verreydt, based at Westhill, said:

"On Tuesday 30th September and Wednesday 1 October 2003, two Business Crime Seminars were held at the Pittodrie House and Westhill Hotels. These seminars from part of an ongoing programme throughout South Aberdeenshire Command Area and were designed to educate retailers within the Donside Area that by following a few simple, common-sense precautions they could dramatically reduce the chances of becoming victims of shoplifting or credit card fraud.
"Speakers included Donside Area Inspector Chris Morrice, who provided an overview and insight into the problem, two Security Managers from Asda's superstore in Garthdee who illustrated their presentations with 'real life' examples, and finally a Consultant to APACS who provided an illuminating insight into credit card 'skimming'.
"The feedback from those who attended the events, which were sponsored by the Garioch and North Marr Community Safety Group to whom we are very grateful, was universally positive.
"I firmly believe that the topics covered during these events will enable retailers to achieve a tangible reduction in thefts from their premises."

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Up-to-date information, information packs, training packs and general tips on avoiding credit-card fraud for cardholders and retailers are available by clicking on the links below.

APACS logo

Card Watch logo

The Card Watch web site is the source of:

Information for Card Holders:

  • Top Tips for cardholders
  • Avoid becoming a victim of ID fraud
  • What happens if you are a victim of card fraud?
  • Numbers to call if your card is lost or stolen
  • Tips for Internet shopping
  • Tips for making telephone transactions
  • Tips for when travelling abroad
  • Tips for motorists

Information for Retailers:

  • Don't Stand 4 Fraud - fraud prevention pack
  • Spot & Stop Card Fraud pack - training pack
  • Card-not-Present (CNP) fraud prevention guidelines
  • Counterfeit ALERT! leaflet
  • UV light checkers

The Card Watch fraud prevention initiative, run by the Association of Payment Clearance Service, is called Don't Stand 4 Fraud and is urging retailers to increase their vigilance and turn up the heat on card criminals.

Over the next year a highly secure system using 'smart' chip cards alongside PINs (personal identification numbers) will come into effect. By the time it is fully implemented in 2005, the system will prevent most types of card fraud happening within the UK.

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