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At its May meeting the Kincardine and Mearns Community Safety Group had sea safety high on the agenda. Kevin Hutchens,Chair of the Group stated:-

"Following a series of incidents on the beach and the coastline concern was expressed that a small but significant minority of the general public had little regard for their safety or that of the dedicated rescuers who may have to rescue them.This was particularly shown by the small group of reckless young people who put themselves at risk by climbing up Doonies Point, Stonehaven to erect a flag in wet and windy weather.

"Further concern was expressed at the way that safety equipment along the beach at Stonehaven had been vandalised recently.This was seen as a very serious matter by the committee as it could have, led to someone losing their life."

The group went on to consider, positive ways in which it could continue its commitment to sea safety in the area. Kevin Hutchens stated;

"Following a presentation on initiatives with young people proposed by the Maritime Rescue Institute, it was decided to give a substantial grant of 1200 to help them employ a Project Officer in the Summer to carry out a wide range of sea safety initiatives with young people. Further the Coastguard stated that they would start again to make special efforts to get across the sea safety message via the Sea Smart campaign by distributing literature and publicity material throughout the Mearns. Such moves to improve Community Safety must surely be welcomed by all."

Click on the Sea Smart logo for more information on the Sea Smart initiative from the the Marine & Coastguard Agency's web site.

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