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Avoid Scams - New Fire and Smoke Alarm Legislation

New Alaram Standard

The above advice from Trading Standards Scotland is attached in view of the potential for scammers and rogue traders to take advantage of the those unsure of the new legislation and installation deadline. This could lead to you paying inflated costs for inferior products and fitting or to becoming a victim of a financial scam

The advice highlights where you can get trusted information. Always remember to get a minimum of 2 quotes for any potential work from reliable and trusted traders and if needed seek advice from someone you trust.

Further information can be found on the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and Scottish Government leaflets which are on the links below:

Scottish Fire and Rescue

Link to SFRS Home Fire Safety Visit

Link to SFRS Home Alarms Advice

Download SFRS Document Fire Alarms in Scottish Homes PDF file

Scottish Government

Link to Scottish Government Fire & Smoke Alarms Advice

Original message sent by: Willie Clark (NHWN, National Co - ordinator, Neighbourhood Watch Scotland)

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