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Quad and ATV Thefts

Sadly quad bike and all-terrain vehicle theft continues to be an increasing issue across Scotland.

Criminals are travelling considerable distances to target farms and rural properties. They are well equipped to break into properties and are using large vans and panel vans to transport the stolen vehicles.

North East Division Crime Reduction Officer Constable Mike Urquhart said:

"The more layers of security that can be added to protect property the more likely thieves will go elsewhere. Removing the keys is not enough and never store keys near to the vehicle. Quads and ATVís must be secured inside buildings with good quality padlocks and chains. Ground anchors or wheel clamps combined with alarms are an excellent deterrent and always park vehicles as close to your house as possible out of sight of main roads. Multiple layers of security will slow down thieves and make them much more likely to be discovered."

The attached leaflet (below) gives further advice on how to protect quad bikes from theft or contact Police Scotland Crime Reduction Officers on: NorthEastCrimeReduction@scotland.pnn.police.uk

Download the Rural Crime Prevention leaflet on Quad Bikes and ATVs HERE.

Original message sent by Michael Urquhart (Police, Constable, North East Division)

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