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WhatsApp Scam

WhatsApp image Have you, or anyone you know, received a WhatsApp message similar to this one?

We have had a number of members contact us directly to let us know they have received scam messages over WhatsApp.

These involve receiving a message from an unknown number claiming to be from your son or daughter, followed shortly after by a request to help with money.

The "family member" will likely claim that the mobile they normally use is broken, or has fallen into water and is unusable. They may ask you to delete the old number so you cannot contact your genuine family member.

Whilst it is human nature to want to help members of your family, never send any personal information or details until you have either spoken to them in a voice call, or face to face.

The scammer may know a bit about your family members life, which makes the messages received seem more plausible. They, or someone else close to them, may have had their social media account hacked.

Here, and the poster below, give details how to keep your WhatsApp account safe:

  • Donít share your login details or verification code with anybody. Not even your closest family or trusted friends.
  • Set up two-step verification to secure your account. The poster below provides instructions on how to do this.
  • Be wary of WhatsApp messages requesting money, even if they come from your contacts. If youíre not sure, give the friend a quick call to check.

If you think you may have given sensitive details, such as payment information, to fraudsters, let your bank know whatís happened immediately.

We can all do our part to help protect those who may be more vulnerable to this type of scam. This may include the elderly or those with a mental impairment such as dementia. Please pass this message on to as many people as you can either through a phone call to someone you know, sharing the message on social media or popping over to your neighbour to make them aware.

WhatsApp users who have lost access to their accounts can contact support@whatsapp.com.

Original message sent by: Varrie McDevitt (NHWN, Admin Assistant, Neighbourhood Watch Scotland)

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