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Anti-social Behaviour Strategy
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The Antisocial Behaviour Strategy Working Group has published its Antisocial Behaviour Strategy for Aberdeenshire.

The aim of the strategy is to:

Improve the quality of life for people in Aberdeenshire by working in partnership to reduce the incidence of antisocial behaviour.

The Strategy is intended to assist in effectively tackling antisocial behaviour across the area in order to:

  • Reduce nuisance and harassment in our communities,
  • Create a safer environment for our communities and visitors,
  • Reduce the time it takes to effectively deal with incidents of Antisocial Behaviour,
  • Demonstrate our commitment to achieving continuous improvement in dealing with incidents of Antisocial Behaviour.

This will be achieved by adopting a range of measures that include:

  • Use of prevention, diversion, enforcement and rehabilitation;
  • Working in partnership with other agencies;
  • Reduce both actual incidents of antisocial behaviour and people’s perceptions of the problem;
  • Consultation with members of the community including Residents Associations, Community Councils and our young people;
  • Promoting and recognition of antisocial behaviour issues throughout all levels of management, policies and procedures across our organisations;
  • Providing witness and victim support;
  • Taking necessary legal action (once all other avenues have been explored)
  • Recording and monitoring incidents in a standardised manner;
  • Providing relevant staff with appropriate training.
N.B. The strategy is currently under review

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