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The Buchan Community Safety Group is seeking applications from local community groups for the funding of community safety projects in the Buchan areas. The Group's priority themes and those for which funding is most likely to be granted are:

  • Addressing antisocial behaviour such as drunkenness, disorder, antisocial driving, etc.
  • Reducing community safety problems arising from substance/alcohol misuse.
  • Reducing vandalism.
  • Increasing road safety in particular for the 17-25 year age group.

Projects which cover other safety issues which have been identified in a community, for example home safety and water safety, may be considered.

The minimum project cost is £100 and the maximum is £1000.

Bidding process

Bids for funding are invited on the application form available below and should be sent as an attachment by e-mail to the Secretary of the Buchan Community Safety Group at BuchanCSG@gmail.com

As part of the bidding process, applicants may be invited to attend a meeting of the Buchan Community Safety Group to make a presentation of their bid for funds.

Application Form

The Funding Application Form is available as a Word document, as a Rich Text Format (RTF) file and as a PDF file:


Please note that applications for funding require that you send us personal details as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please read our Privacy Notice which will tell you why we need these personal details, with whom we may share them and for how long we retain them.
Privacy Notice

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