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CSG supports under-age drinking campaign
The Formartine CSG has funded leaflets in support of an under-age drinking campaign
CSG supports message-in-a-bottle
The Formartine CSG has sponsored the message-in-a-bottle scheme in Ellon

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The Formartine Community Safety Group is currently not functioning.

If you need to make contact on Community Safety in Formartine please email the Aberdeenshire Community Safety Team Leader

Office-bearers: Chairperson Vacant
Treasurer Vacant

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The aim of National Neighbourhood Watch (NNW) is to bring neighbours together to create strong, friendly, active communities where crime and anti-social behaviour are less likely to happen.

The vision is that of a caring society that is focused on trust and respect in which people are safe from crime and enjoy a good quality of life. Neighbourhood Watch is about making sure that fewer people feel afraid, vulnerable or isolated in the place where they live.

The website allows you to find out more about the association and will find a watch near you.

Ongoing Safety Projects:

Message-in-a-bottle logo & link to more information The Message in a Bottle scheme encourages those with serious medical conditions to keep a bottle containing information about their medication at home so that it can be quickly accessed by paramedics in an emergency. The bottle contains personal details and a record of medicines being taken by householders. It is stored in the fridge, where it is protected in case of fire.

The Formartine Community Safety Group has sponsored the initiative in the Ellon area in collaboration with the Ellon Rotary Club. Ellon will become the 15th Rotary to promote the scheme in Aberdeenshire.

Mike Barron the Rotary co-ordinator for the project in the north, said a bottle symbol is put on the inside door of people's homes, along with another attached to the fridge to inform emergency services of its presence.

Mike Watson, community service convener with Ellon Rotary Club, said:
"Supplies will also be made available at the local surgery and from any Rotarian."
Councillor Alistair Strachan of the Formartine Community Safety Group, said:
"This project really is an important element in our helping the less able, vulnerable and elderly in the community. It can, and does, save lives."
Click on the logo for more information.

Under-age drinking The CSG has funded 4,000 leaflets highlighting the problem of under-age drinking in the area. The leaflets, which are designed for the parents of young people, are being delivered to local homes along with the Costcutter supermarket's regular advertising material. The leaflet drop follows recurrent complaints of under-age drinking in Ellon over recent years.

Smoke alarm logo - link to more information on smake alarms for the deaf The CSG has provided smoke alarms for the deaf to Aberdeenshire Council.
Click on the logo for more information.
Drink Awareness, targeting underage drinking

Some presentations have been made in Ellon to primary 7s.
Information for young drivers Leaflets entitled " Bad Driving Practices" printed for Grampian Police for distribution to young drivers.

Completed Safety Projects:

SNAP (Say No And Phone) In 2001 two concerts were held at Ellon and Turrif Academy. The host, DJ David Graham made youngsters aware of the problem of drugs. Ellon pub watch printed cards and beer mats which were distributed throughout Ellon.

Future Safety Projects:

Home safety , Fire safety

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