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Lockdown Your Online Accounts With 2FA

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The easy way to keep hackers out of your online accounts.

Whether itís your Amazon or Netflix account, the explosion in popularity of online apps and services means more and more of us need to remember a seemingly endless list of passwords. Sometimes that leads to shortcuts that are bad for our online security, such as using the same password for multiple accounts, or creating a simple password that can be guessed easily.

You should secure your important online accounts, such as your email, or any account that holds personal or financial details, with a password thatís strong and unique. For further protection we recommended enabling two-factor authentication (2FA). Accounts with 2FA enabled require you to verify your identity using your password (first factor), and a randomised code (second factor) thatís delivered to your smartphone. That way, if your password is stolen, fraudsters still need your phone. If your phone is stolen, they still need your password.

For instructions on how to enable 2FA on popular online services, visit www.telesign.com/turnon2fa

If you have been a victim of fraud or cyber crime, report it to Action Fraud at actionfraud.police.uk

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