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Computer Hacking

Recently, an Aberdeen resident was on their computer looking at news articles on a major website. They clicked on an article which caught their attention. After they clicked out of the article an alert came up on their computer which stated that their computer had been hacked. The alert told them to contact an Aberdeen based telephone number to assist in rectifying this. Believing this to be genuine as it was a local, they called the number provided. The scammer answered the phone, communicated well and articulately, they didn't rush and were very knowledgeable. The scammer advised that in order to prevent their computer and bank accounts from being hacked further they required to log into their online banking whilst on the phone.

The scammer advised there was fraudulent transactions on their account which they had stopped, however they required personal information and to confirm their password. On passing the information they realised this may be a scam and hung up. They immediately contacted their bank who put in protective measures until new cards and passwords had been set up, thankfully they suffered no financial loss.

NE Crime Reduction officer PC Irvine has this advice for everyone who is online:

  • Be wary of clicking links online or any site that requests you download specific software.

  • Never allow anyone to remotely access your computer.

  • If you are having issues with your computer, contact the retailer you purchased it from.

  • If you are having problems with your internet connection, contact your internet provider on a number or e-mail address that you know to be genuine.

  • Seek advice or a second opinion, speak to friends and family if you are unsure.

  • Never share personal details or passwords with anyone. Not even tapping it into the keypad of your phone.

  • If in doubt, hang up and Take5

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Original message sent by Mark Irvine (Police Scotland, Constable, A Div - Grampian)

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