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Data Breach Guidance - Police Scotland

A data breach occurs when information held by an organisation is stolen or accessed without authorisation.

Guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre explains what data breaches are, how they can affect you, and what you should look out for following a data breach.

Cybercrime Harm Prevention, Police Scotland has produced a guide which contains useful advice regarding a data breach.

The guide explains:

  • What is a data breach
  • How you might be affected
  • What to do if your username and password have been stolen
  • What to do if your banking details may have been stolen
  • What signs to look for
  • What to do if you are a victim of Identity Theft
  • How to recover a hacked account
  • Other useful links

Download the Police Scotland Data Breach Guidance HERE PDF logo(PDF file)

Original message sent by: Willie Clark (NHWN, National Co - ordinator, Neighbourhood Watch Scotland)

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