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Increase in Vehicle Thefts

Police are asking residents in the Aberdeen area to be vigilant following several incidents recently of vehicles being stolen using their true key.

Darker Nights mean it is easier for thieves to target your home. Follow our simple advice to keep your home and car safe after dark.

North East Division Crime Reduction Officer Constable Urquhart said:

"Most housebreakings are carried out by opportunist thieves Ė so take away the opportunity and keep your home and possessions secure."

Lock Your House Door - Always

Obvious isnít it? But some people donít do it. Get into the habit of locking the door behind you when you are at home. If you have window locks, lock those too.

Keep Your Keys out of Sight

Donít leave your keys on the inside of locks or just inside the door - these are obvious places that thieves know to look first. Never keep house keys and car keys on the same ring. Make it as hard as possible to break into your home in order to steal your car.

A key is used in 70% of car thefts. By keeping your keys safe youíre reducing the risk of your car being stolen by more than two thirds.

Original message sent by: North East Division Crime Reduction Officer Constable Urquhart

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