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Police Impersonation

Police Scotland has seen a rise in scammers impersonating police officers. Below and attached you will find advice on checking an officer's identity.

Police Scotland have also shared a video, the little guide to avoiding impersonation fraud, which you can watch by clicking HERE:

How to check an officer’s identity

If Police Scotland contact you, they will do so in person, by phone or by email. This will depend on the circumstances surrounding why they need to contact you.

Contact in person

If an officer contacts you in person, they’ll show you their police warrant card. This is proof of their identity and authority and you can verify this by dialling 101.

Contact by phone and Email

If an officer needs to speak to you on the phone or by email, they'll identify themselves clearly.

They will never:

  • ask you for your bank details or PIN
  • ask you to transfer funds to another account
  • ask you to hand over cash or bank cards to a courier
  • ask you to pay a fine or a fee to them or a third party over the phone or online
  • ask you for remote access to your computer, passwords or log on details over the phone or online
  • ask you to register personal details in an attachment they send or website they direct towards
  • ask you to 'assist' in an investigation by doing any of the above
  • communicate in an abusive, threatening or coercive manner
  • ask you to click on a hyperlink to participate in an investigation

Remember if you're unsure about whether the person you're dealing with is a genuine police officer – stop – and call 101 to check their identity. You should also contact 101 if you think you've been a victim of fraud.

Look at the Police Impersonation Leaflet HERE PDF logo

Criminals are experts at #TheArtOfImpersonation – convincingly pretending to be acting on behalf of the police.

If you receive a request asking for money, follow @TakeFiveStopFraud’s advice and #StopChallengeProtect.

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