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Theft of Heating Fuel

Police are appealing for witnesses and asking residents in the Johnshaven area to be vigilant following the theft of 500 litres of heating fuel. The fuel was taken during daylight hours from a tank located within the garden of a dwelling house in the village on Monday 21st February 2022.

Anyone with information can contact the Police on 101 or via Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 quoting reference PS-20220221-3020

North East Division Crime Reduction Officer PC Mike Urquhart said:

"Heating oil tanks have the potential to store thousands of pounds worth of heating oil, and are often located in remote areas - this can make them an attractive target for thieves. The chance of being targeted by thieves is relatively low, but becoming a victim of heating oil theft is a costly, inconvenient and upsetting experience.

"In order to steal heating oil, thieves will usually decant, syphon or pump oil from your tank into other containers. Thieves might use this oil themselves, or sell it on."

Advice regarding home security can be found at www.scotland.police.uk

Original message sent by: Michael Urquhart (Police, Constable, North East Division)

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