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Garioch & North Marr Community Safety Group - A96 Questionnaire.

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Comments on the A96 from local MSPs

The Garioch & North Marr Community Safety Group wrote to local Members of the Scottish Parliament to seek their views on the safety record of the A96 and their views on what actions need be taken to improve that safety record. You can read the MSPs comments on the A96.

A96 Questionnaire

This questionnaire has been set up to gather the views of interested parties on the need to take action to improve the safety of the A96 Aberdeen to Inverness road.

The information gathered will be communicated to the Scottish Transport Minister and to Members of the Scottish Parliament to encourage them to make the improvement of the A96 a top priority.

But first, can you please provide some information about yourself.

Name You may remain anonymous if you wish

Where you live: Please give your Postcode

or give the town or area where you live

Gender: Male Female

What age group are you in? 17-25 26-35 36-45 46-55 56-65 over 65

How often do you use the A96? Daily 3-4 times per week Weekly Fortnightly Monthly A few times a year Never

Question 1: How safe is the A96? (Click one of the choices)
Very safe Quite safe Safe Quite unsafe Very unsafe Not sure

Question 1a: Please explain why you think this.

Question 2: Which section is most in need of an upgrade? (Click one of the choices)
Aberdeen to Inverurie Inverurie to Huntly Huntly to Keith Keith to Elgin Elgin to Nairn Nairn to Inverness The whole road Not sure

Question 3: What should be done to improve it? (Click up to three of the following)
Dual Carriageway
Bypasses for towns
Crawler lanes
General widening of single carriageway
Reduced speed limit
Speed cameras
More Police patrols
Better road marking
Not sure

Question 4: Is there a specific location on the A96 which causes safety problems?

Question 4a: What should be done to improve that specific location?

Thank you

Please click the "Submit form" button to submit your completed questionnaire.
Click the "Reset form" button if you have made a mistake and want to clear the whole form and start again.

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