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The IAM Roadsmart driving course proves successful for a young driver

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Stuart Hillman receives his IAM certificate 
Stuart Hillman is presented with his certificate by Allan Moir a founder member of the Gordon Advanced Motorists.

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John Buchan, Secretary of Gordon Advanced Motorists says:

"With an ever increasing number of tragic deaths on the North East roads, safe driving is now of paramount importance. Gordon Advanced Motorists can help young drivers stay alive long enough to become old drivers by preparation for the IAM's Advanced Driving Test. The main advantage of passing the IAM Advanced Driving Test is one of safety.

"Advanced driving is a Planned System of Driving and Car Control that combines Skill with Responsibility.

"The system of car control creates a simple method of driving which ensures that the driver omits no detail, leaves nothing to chance, and when perfected gives that one ingredient essential to safe driving - TIME TO REACT.

"On passing the Advanced Test and being accepted as a Full Member of The Institute of Advanced Motorists there are some financial benefits as detailed on the leaflet Membership Services (available to full members only) and include such things as discounts on Breakdown and Recovery, R.A.C. Membership, Motor Insurance, Tyres and Batteries, Windscreen Replacement, Car Hire, and many more.

"But the most important benefit is that some day the Defensive Driving Methods used in The Advanced Driving System may Save a Life."

The Garioch & North Marr Community Safety Group sponsored Stuart Hillman, a young driver from Inverurie, to take the IAM course and the test in order to assess the benefits for young drivers.

Having successfully completed the course and passed the test, Stuart says:

"I feel it was very worthwhile, and would certainly recommend it to anyone who asked. It improved my observation, car control, concentration and above all the safety of myself and others on the road. Itís not that hard and anyone can do it, plus membership fees aren't all that high. The fee is a small price to pay for being a safer driver and you'll save money on fuel in the long run anyway!"

The cost of the IAM Roadsmart Skill For Life course is £149. Anyone interested in finding out more can contact Gordon Advanced Motorists:

Email: secretarygordonam@btinternet.com

More information on the Gordon Advanced Motorists can be found on their web site at www.gordonadvancedmotorists.co.uk

More information on IAM Roadsmart can be found on their website at www.iamroadsmart.com

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