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Road Fatalities reduced in North East Scotland

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Grampian Police Announce Road Fatality Statistics.

Grampian Police have announced road fatality statistics for the region and for Aberdeenshire.

Numbers of people killed on north-east roads are lower in 2011 than in 2010.

Graph of all road fatalities Graph of young road fatalities

Leslie Harrold, Road Safety Manager with Grampian Police said:

"It is good that the figures continue to move downwards, but twenty two people killed is still equivalent to two football teams being killed on our roads, in crashes, in one year. I hope that the figures will continue to drop in 2012.

Whether you are a driver, passenger, motorcyclists, pedestrian or cyclists it is how you choose to use our roads that make them safe or not. It you act in a dangerous or irresponsible way, then our roads will be a dangerous place. If you choose use them safely and legally, then they will be much safer. It is your choice!

People are still dying in crashes because of speeding, drink or drug driving, not wearing seat belts or using a mobile phone whilst driving."

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