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Safety for Walkers

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Increasing Dangers for Walkers

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Grampian 50+ Network has 60 walking groups in membership across Grampian, with over 1000 members in the 50-90 years age range. It provides support, training and encourages Active Ageing. We work in partnership with a variety of organisations and services.

Covid 19 has seen the increase in the number of people walking and cycling in our neighbourhoods and countryside great to see families out walking and cycling together. However, our Members have been expressing concerns for some years where cyclists are behaving irresponsibly. We acknowledge that both walkers and cyclists have responsibilities and both should be able to enjoy their pursuits.

Points that have been raised include:

  • Cyclists not giving adequate warning by ringing a bell or shouting when coming up behind walkers. Particularly with Older People, issues of hearing loss makes it difficult to hear bikes approaching. Constantly having to turn and check if a bike is coming is likely to result in falls and significant injury leading to debility and worse
  • Cycling on pavements
  • Cycling at speed along country & coastal paths creating dangers for Walkers, Children & Dogs
  • Cyclists travelling at speed on hillside paths, descending at speed with little or no space to pass safely.
  • Cycling at speed through parks
  • Increased safety issues for both Walkers and Cyclists

One member recently wrote:

"We are in the glorious position that there is literally nowhere left for us to walk in safety. I do not wish to lose my precious walking"

It seems that the Highway Code and Scottish Access Outdoor Code are being increasingly ignored by many in both towns and countryside. The Network feels that this is a good time to request publicity and help from local and national organisations so that Walkers and Cyclists can all enjoy the out of doors to the full.

Marjory D'Arcy,
Grampian 50+ Network

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