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Staying safe on the roads at Christmas - and beyond

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Staying safe on the roads at Christmas - and beyond

Aberdeenshire Community Safety Partnership hopes Santa will deliver some road safety gifts this Christmas, supporting the partnership's aim of promoting road safety

A range of relatively inexpensive road safety "stocking fillers" are available which can improve the safety of a wide range of road users, both in rural and urban settings.

Items such as florescent jackets, vests, arm bands, rucksacks and covers, with a reflective element for use in darkness, can highlight the presence of people using the road and make them more visible to other road users.

Motorcyclists, pedal cyclists, pedestrians, horse riders, dog walkers or runners wearing bright or reflective clothing significantly increase their visibility, allowing other drivers and riders more time to react to them

The "Be Seen - Be Safe" approach is particularly relevant to pedal cyclists, and effective cycle lights can significantly improve visibility.

Although a wide range of relatively inexpensive lights are available, it may be worth investing in a product which literally 'shines out' from the rest, to ensure vulnerable road users really get noticed.

Effective lights supplemented by fluorescent or reflective clothing can significantly enhance cyclists' visibility, even during the day.

Improving visibility also extends to our four-legged friends and a variety of illuminated dog collars, as well as lights and reflective coats for dogs and horses, are available.

Chair of the Aberdeenshire Community Safety partnership, Doug Milne, said:

"Road safety is one of the partnership's top priorities and with Christmas approaching, some small and relatively inexpensive items can make a really practical gift which promotes road safety.

"Increasing the visibility of road users, whether in daylight or darkness, is a simple yet very effective way of encouraging people to stay safe on our roads.

"We hope Santa will pack a few of these items in his sack, as he prepares to deliver around Aberdeenshire!"

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