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Ready Steady Drive Project takes place in Banchory

This project is offered by Community Learning and Development as an option for Banchory Academy pupils during the month of May and is run one day weekly over a four week period. The programme has three key elements; ‘In the Mind’, ‘Behind the Wheel’ and ‘Under the Bonnet’.

In the Mind: Sessions involve worksheets and discussion on attitudes, rights, responsibilities and a variety of issues around motor vehicle use and ownership. The locally produced First on the Scene resource is used.

Behind the Wheel: A Workshop covering the basics of good driving and the fundamental principles of road safety, including real driving practice aiming to develop skills and awareness behind the wheel. Driving lesson is provided by Roadwise school of Motoring and takes place on the Track at Alford Transport Museum.

Under the Bonnet: A Workshop of instruction covering the basics of motor vehicle care and maintenance and what is involved in an MOT. Takes place in the workshop at Grampian Transport Museum.

The aims of the programme are to:

  • Encourage participants to develop positive attitudes towards the ownership and use of motor vehicles.
  • Provide participants with information to help them become safe and responsible road users.
  • Provide an opportunity for participants to acquire basic practical skills in vehicle use and care
  • Encourage a respect for road safety and the law and divert participants from possible offending behaviour
  • Provide an opportunity for young people to explore a range of issues using the motor vehicle as a focus.
  • A wide variety of skills are developed including self-awareness, communication skills, information gathering and team work.

The South Marr Community Safety Group have donated £200 this year towards the cost of the project.

Ready Steady Drive Photo
Some of the 14 pupils who took part.

Ready Steady Drive Photo
You don't need a hammer to open the bonnet!

Ready Steady Drive Photo
The insides explained

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