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Latest: Rrrrallye Youth Drive in North Marr  &   New Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership website launched

Rrrrallye_image The Garioch & North Marr Community Safety Group with help from the Marr Area Committee and the Monymusk Thrift Shop has funded a Road Safety Event for 12 youngsters aged between 14 and 17 from the North Marr area.

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crime_prevention_logo The new Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drug Website has been launched. The main focus is to provide communities with ease of access to information and guidance about alcohol and drug issues.

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Latest: Domestic CCTV Advice from Police Scotland  &   Protect Your Keyless Car Fob

CCTV logo_logo The Police Service of Scotland is committed to the prevention and detection of crime and considers all measures that have the potential to assist in this commitment. They have produced a document providing advice on a range of CCTV related issues for domestic users.

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vehicle_crime_logo Following reports of a further increase in thefts of keyless cars and of related suspicious activity within resident’s driveways, new advice has been issued by Neighbourhood Watch Scotland.

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Latest: Police Noteworthy Property Incidents Report  &  Become a safer driver and save on car insurance

crime_prevention_logo The latest Police Scotland report of noteworthy property incidents in Aberdeenshire has been published. It covers mid-November. pdf logo

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Telematics insurance logo Telematics car insurance, also known as black box car insurance makes use of your own driving data – where, when and how you drive – to potentially help bring down the cost of your car insurance - including 17-24 year-olds.

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Latest: Lights Out You're Out, a New Vishing ALERT   &   Don't make life easy for criminals

The clocks have gone back. With the darker nights, comes an increase in burglary and other thefts so now is a great time to consider your security.

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Scam Logo It is reported that there has been a noticeable increase in vishing frauds against the elderly, including fake calls allegedly from banks and from Paypal. Read about some shocking cases and learn how to protect yourself.
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Don't make life easy for criminals! Always install the latest software and app updates.
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Latest: Ask for Angela extended throughout the North East   &   Rural Crime & Safety Partnership for the North East

crime_prevention_logo Ask for Angela is campaign launched in 2017 in Aberdeen to help people who feel uncomfortable or unsafe on dates, in the company of others, or any other social situation, is being widened to the whole of the North East.
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crime_prevention_logo A new partnership dedicated to tackling rural crime in the North East and improving safety in remote communities has been launched.

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ICE - in Case of Emergency   &   NSPCC Social Media Guide - NetAware

ICE logo When you're in need of emergency medical treatment, a common place paramedics and other care providers will look for your emergency details is your mobile phone. But if it's locked, how will they find what they need?
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NSPCC Netaware logo The NSPCC has produced NetAware - a guide to the social networks your kids use. Stay up to date and keep your child safe in today's digital world.

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Fake Bank Notes Warning   &   CSG at Insch Community Safety Day

crime_prevention_logo Police Officers in Aberdeen and the North East are urging people to be aware of counterfeit notes following recent reports of attempts to tender fake notes in the city.

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14 Units logo The Garioch & North Marr Community Safety Group had a display at the Insch Community Safety Day at Insch Leisure Centre.

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Toy Slime Warning   &   Keep Children Safe

Picture of toy slime Which? is warning parents to approach children’s slime with caution after tests found some contain levels of boron more than four times the safety limits permitted by EU standards.
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Park Smart Banner Keeping a child safe by parking considerately when dropping off and collecting children from school is the message in the Park Smart campaign.

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Be Alert To Voucher Card Scams   &   Supporting Older Drivers

Crime Prevention logo Officers have praised a quick-thinking Buckie shop worker for preventing an elderly couple being scammed out of hundreds of pounds.

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Older Drivers logo A new road safety initiative has started in north east Scotland, aimed at supporting older drivers - the Milestone Initiative

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Prevent Doorstep Crime   &   TSB Phishing Attacks

Doorstep Crime Police, Local Authority Trading Standards Services, Citizens Advice and retail partners have joined forces to raise awareness of doorstep crime and to promote how the public can protect themselves from becoming a victim of this type of offence. Read more Cyber Alert logo There has been a sharp rise in fraudsters sending out fake text messages (smishing) and phishing emails claiming to be from TSB. The increase in the number of reports corresponds with the timing of TSB’s computer system update.
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Keyless Cars – Relay Theft Warning   &   Minimum Unit Pricing Myth Buster

Vehicle Crime logo Keyless Theft or Relay Theft continues to be a growing issue. In fact vehicle security experts estimate 68 per cent of stolen cars are now taken after being "electronically compromised".
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Alcohol Focus Scotland Logo Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) took effect on 1st May at 50p a unit. For some, MUP may come as a surprise and misinformation may spread. Alcohol Focus Scotland have produced a myth-buster that aims to keep the record straight.
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TV Provider Scam   &   Latest:Scottish Government Farming Subsidies Scam Alert

Take Five to Stop Fraud Logo Fraudsters are cold-calling victims, purporting to be from a Television (TV) provider offering a discount on their monthly subscription. Don't get caught.
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SPARC logo This week the Scottish Government confirmed that more than 18,000 eligible producers will start receiving the final balance of their Common Agricultural Policy entitlement for 2017. This information is readily available and as a consequence you may be at greater risk from on-line or telephone scams.
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HMRC - Scam Alert   &   School Gate Parking Banners

HMRC logo Neighbourhood Watch has issued a warning about fraudsters claiming to be from HMRC, following a reported incident from a local Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator who received a cold call purporting to be from HM Revenue and Customs stating that court proceedings were being taken regarding a Tax Debt.
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A campaign has been launched to help improve the safety of pupils by urging "selfish" parents to stop parking dangerously outside schools in Garioch. The Garioch & North Marr CSG has provided school gate banners.
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Water Safety Scotland's Drowning Prevention Strategy & Stop illegal drug gangs in our area

Water safety logo The 31st of January is the launch of Water Safety Scotland's Drowning Prevention Strategy. Please support the targets of reducing drownings in Scotland by 50% by 2026 and contributing to a reduction in water related suicides.
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Crimestoppers logo Crimestoppers Scotland has highlighted that illegal drug gangs operating in the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire area are exploiting vulnerable people. It is important that members of the public know how to spot the signs of this activity and how to report it to Crimestoppers 100% anonymously at 0800 555 111 or via the online form. Read more

Take Five To Stop Fraud & Sign up to get neighbourhood alert information

Take Five logo Take Five To Stop Fraud Week is part of the national campaign from Financial Fraud Action UK and the UK Government, backed by the banking industry coming together to tackle fraud.
To find out how to avoid fraud Read more
Neighbourhood Alert logo Police Scotland North East Division is urging folk to register with Neighbourhood Alert to get the latest information on crime prevention, community safety and resilience.
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Meet the Safer Community Wardens & Download Crime Prevention Information

Meet the Community Wardens logo Meet the new Safer Community Wardens who are now working across Peterhead and Fraserburgh.

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Retailers Against Crime logo Retailers Against Crime have published a booklet of Crime Prevention Information including advice on how to keep yourself safe when out shopping (PDF file).

Download the booklet pdf logo

Read the Latest Aberdeenshire ADP e-bulletin &The Active Hub is in Inverurie

Link to the ADP October 2017 e-bulletin
Read the October Aberdeenshire ADP e-Bulletin.
In this issue; Alcohol Free Space Campaign; Macmillan coffee morning; ADP learning and development; Recovery cafes; Advice and help. and more …
Read more LARGE PDF File
The Active Hub for 12 - 16 year olds offering Sport, Art, Music & more will be at Inverurie Academy on Fridays from 7:30pm to 10pm from 1st September.

Download the poster 

Check Scottish Fire regulations & Local Policing Plan For Aberdeenshire Launched

Scottish Fire & Rescue logo Concerned by the Grenfell Tower Block fire? Want to check fire safety regulations? Check the Scottish Fire Law pages. Read more

Want specific fire safety advice for people living in multi storeys? Read more
Police Scotland logo Police Scotland and Aberdeenshire Council have launched a local policing plan for Aberdeenshire for 2017 - 2020.

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Smoke Alarm Tester & Protection of Contactless Cards

Image of smoke alarm tester Is it awkward to test your smoke alarm weekly? Do you know someone who has difficulty in reaching their smoke alarm to test it? The smoke alarm tester may be the answer.

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Card Minder image In recent times, with the introduction of contactless payment, thieves are adapting to come up with new methods to steal your personal data and information. The Garioch & North Marr Commuity Safety Group has purchased a supply of Card Minders which protect contactless credit & debit cards and has distributed them to Libraries in the Garioch and North Marr areas.
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Stop Hate Crime & School Parking Banners in Marr

Hate crime logo Hate Crime is any criminal offence committed against an individual or property that is motivated by a person's hatred of someone because of his or her actual or perceived race, religion, transgender identity, sexual orientation or disability.
To help stop it - Read more
Photo of school parking banner The South Marr and Garioch & North Marr Community Safety Groups have funded banners to highlight dangerous parking on yellow lines and zig zag markings outside schools in the Marr area.

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Latest News: Emergency Contact Disc for drivers & Pass Plus funding for Young Drivers

Emergency Contact Disc logo The Emergency Contact Information Disc for your car replaces the old tax disc on your windscreen. It provides vital information for the emergency services in the event of an accident. You can download a copy.

Download here
Pass Plus logo The Aberdeenshire Community Safety Partnership is offering £100 towards the cost of the Pass Plus driving course for young drivers under 25 years of age.

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A Drop-In-Shop for non UK nationals & Free Home Fire Safety Visits

Minority Ethnic Housing Logo

The service is available in Aberdeen
Read more

and in Fraserburgh
Read more
Minority Ethnic Housing Project and Shelter Scotland are working together to run an one-stop-shop providing advice and information alongside a computer club for non-UK nationals living in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. Trained advisors are available to look at complex housing, welfare rights and employability issues and to help with applications forms. Animated fire logo Don't let this happen to you or to a vulnerable person you know - get a FREE Home Fire Safety Visit.

Read more

An Updated Guide to the North East & A Guide to Scots Law

Cover image The Guide "Living and Working in North East Scotland" has been updated in various languages: Arabic, English, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.

Read More
Cover image New Arrival?
Learning to live in a new country can be difficult.
Welcome to Scotland: A Guide to Scots Law can help you understand the everyday rules and laws that will affect you in your new home. Download here PDF file. The guide is also available in a number of foreign languages Here

Local Funding logo Local Community Groups are offering funding for local community projects. Click below for more information.
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Speed monitoring kit image

A new electronic speed sign is to be used in the Garioch area to assist police officers dealing with road traffic offences.

The sign has been purchased by the Garioch Community Safety Partnership and will be used throughout the Garioch area including in Kintore and Westhill.

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First on Scene logo First on Scene has produced four movies that will provide young people with life saving skills to help in emergency situations.
Would you know what to do?
Read more

Police Scotland logo Residents in Aberdeenshire & Moray live in a low crime area. Police Scotland are committed to ensuring that the people living in our communities continue to enjoy residing in an area where crime is low. They have produced a Home Security Quiz which will help keep you and your property safe.
Read more
Image of local plan cover The Scottish Fire & Rescue Service has published the Aberdeenshire Local Fire and Rescue Plan 2014-17.

Read the document - NB this is a large PDF file (2.2Mbytes)

Don't Risk It Campaign logo The worst accidents in Scotland happen on country roads - 3 out of 4 road deaths occur on them. They are mostly caused by loss of control and driving too fast for the conditions.
Read more
Road sign logo A local Group has joined forces with Police Scotland and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to encourage drivers to stay safe on Aberdeenshire's rural roads particularly during the "Country Roads Rush Hour" between 3pm and 6pm when accidents on rural roads peak.
Read more

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Following incidents in the Borders area, Police Scotland are encouraging owners of agricultural machinery and utility vehicles to take steps to secure their property. Read more
Police have noted an increase in fake TV licensing refund scams. Scam emails lead to phishing websites designed to steal personal and financial details. Police Scotland have issued preventative guidance in spotting scam emails in general. Read more.

Crime Prevention logo
Officers are urging residents to lock up their property after a number of cars were reported stolen from the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire areas.
Click the image for more information.
Crime Prevention logo
Watch out for fake British Gas refund emails.
Click the image for more information.
Crime Prevention logo
Police Scotland is urging the public to be aware of a Bitcoin email scam currently being circulated in the North East which is causing concern for those who receive it.
Click the image for more information.
Scam logo
There has been a marked increase in the number of members of the public being cold called by fraudsters claiming to be officials from various government departments advising they have an outstanding debt.
Click the image for more information.
Cyber Alert Logo
There has been an increase in reports made by TSB customers relating to "port-out" fraud.
Click the image for more information.
On-line Shopping logo
Click the image pdf logo
phishing logo
Click the image pdf logo
Cycle club image
Interested in setting up a Community Cycle Club to educate on road and cycle safety both for drivers and new cyclists?
Read more
Floodline logo
In Scotland, 1 in 22 homes are at risk from flooding. There are simple steps you can take to protect your family and property.
Read more
Police non-emergency phone number
REMEMBER - there is a new national number for non-emergency phone calls to the Police.
Read more
Action Fraud logo
Warning - TV Licence Refund Notification Fraud
Read more

Fake Government Grants Fraud Alert. Don't be caught out!
Read more

Don't be caught out by smishing
Read more

Don't be caught out by an Amazon email scam
Read more

Don't be caught out by a Lloyds Bank Fraud Letter
Read more

Advice for Flood Victims: Bogus Trades People
Read more

Fake Police Officers target the elderly - Protect Yourself.
Read more

Protect yourself from Bogus Electrical Goods Websites.
Read more

Don't be caught out by scams in online advertising platforms where items are acquired for free.
Read more

Don't be caught out by Council Tax scams.
Read more

Health & Social Care Partnership logo
Find out about the Contact Details for the New Aberdeenshire Carers Support Service
Read more
Abbeycare logo
Try the new Alcohol Demotivator at Abbeycare.
It's a new and interactive tool that helps individuals to stop drinking when they feel triggered... by clearly laying out the potential consequences in their life - both health and otherwise.
Child Sexual Exploitation logo
The Scottish Government is running a national campaign on Child Sexual Exploitation and has prepared a campaign toolkit.
The toolkit provides more details of what the campaign looks like and how organisations can support the campaign and obtain any of the materials developed.
Read more
Minority Ethnic Housing Project logo
If you are from a minority ethnic community or have recently moved here from another country, and are looking for information and advice about housing in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire click the link below for more information in seven languages (PDF file).
Read more
Problems in your community? Let us help
The Aberdeenshire Community Mediation Service can help resolve conflict between neighbours.
Read more
What Goes On In The Mind Of A Housebreaker?
Read more
Enjoy "a life less ordinary" by becoming a retained firefighter.
Read more

Doorstep crime, from bogus callers to rogue traders, is a serious problem in Scottish communities and one which is often under reported but you can do something about it.
Read more
Alcohol limit logo
Are you aware of the new law on drink driving effective from early-December? Click the link to get up-to-date.
Read more
Download the flyer (large file - 790kb).
bogus_caller image
Police Scotland have issued advice about dealing with bogus callers and workmen.
Read more
Weed Them Out logo
Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug in Scotland. Help weed out the illegal cultivation of cannabis.
Read morePDF file logo

Safer Communities Scotland logo
Community Safety information is available on the Safer Communities Scotland web site.
Read more
Identity Theft Logo
Beware !! Don’t become a victim of identity theft or online scams !! Click the logo to go to the UK Identity Theft Advice web site, or
Read more here.
Bus Stop logo
Click the logo to find out about safety when you get off the school bus.
School Bus Safety Logo
Click the logo to learn more about the National School Bus Safety project which started in the North East of Scotland.

Sacro logo
Sacro aims to promote community safety across Scotland through providing high quality services to reduce conflict and offending.
Read more
Dog wardens image
To contact the Aberdeenshire Council Dog Warden Service or find out more information in relation to Aberdeenshire Councils Environmental Services please click on the link below.
Read more
ADAT logo
ADAT leads efforts to achieve a healthier, happier and safer Aberdeenshire, free from harm due to alcohol and other drugs.
Read more
Link to Link to the North Safety Camera Unit
Safety Cameras Scotland is the collective name for the North, East and West Safety Camera Units. It works together with the Scottish Safety Camera Programme and Police Scotland in operating speed and red-light cameras across Scotland.
Crimestoppers information & link to their web site
Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership logo
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